Saturday, March 21, 2009


When you travel Thailand, there are many things to see and do, some are unique to this beautiful and unusual country, and others are typical tourist sites which could be replicated in most countries of the world with an interest in tourism. A few of the highlights if you choose to travel Thailand might be:


Satun is a southern province of Thailand. It might be called the land of parks since there are several both on the mainland and on the island of the Andean Sea. To travel Thailand in this area means that you would enjoy the natural beauty of parks and ocean beaches. The Yaroi Waterfall has several hiking trails where you could see such rare and exotic creatures as the mouse deer and the barking tree frog. The Sakai are natives who make their minimal living off the land in proximity to the park. You might also want to travel Thailand ferry service to one of the outlying islands such as Langkawi Island. The famous Rock Castle formation is located at Ko Phetra National Park and is certainly worth a small side trip.


When you travel Thailand north to the beach resort area of Samui, you move into another very different area of the country. Samui is first and primarily a beach resort. In the past, the resort was mainly for the use of young backpacker types, but has now moved into the big time beach resort luxury living, at the same time Samui Island retains its natural beauty and is a still a bargain when you travel Thailand


To continue our northward travel through Thailand's interior is to reach the unusual and fascinating province of U-thai Thani. Archaeological excavations in the area reveal the presence of prehistoric people who lived and worked here. Because this area is so far off the beaten path, few tourists visit, but there are many points of interest for those willing to make the trek. There is an ancient Buddhist temple known as Wat Sangkat Rattana Kiiri in this area. A famous bronze Buddha statue is housed at this temple and is the drawing card for 1000s of Buddhists who come yearly for the festival known as the ''Merit Making Festival”


One more city of interest as we travel Thailand to the northern border is the city if Chiang Rai. This area was the headquarters of King Mengrai whose statue can be seen in the city. The province has only been considered Thai territory since the 1700's. Prior to that time it belonged to the Burmese.

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